Microwave tubs

The Pack-Store plastic microwave tubs are perfect for storing and heating food in the microwave. On our website you can even find a packaging concept you can use to heat up a complete meal (with different components) in the microwave. Here you can buy microwave tubs safely and quickly directly from the manufacturer: high quality and low pricing! The microwave tubs are freezer and dishwasher safe and can, therefore, be easily reused. All microwave tubs are completely free of Bisphenol-A (BPA).

Microwave tubs in different shapes and sizes

In our product range you can find microwave tubs with various capacities (from 100 ml to 2500 ml) and in different shapes. Because the microwave tubs have a tamper evident seal, you can seal the plastic tubs completely and they are leakproof. Please note! The rectangular microwave tubs are leakproof only to a certain extent. If you are looking for a microwave tub that is completely leakproof, we recommend that you choose a round or oval microwave tub. 

The microwave tubs are available in the shapes listed below:

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Culidsh microwave meal tubs

Culidish: chef-worthy meals from the microwave

Would you like to prepare a chef-worthy meal in the microwave? Then use the latest Culidish meal containers.

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Culidish® is a meal packaging concept that consists of different types of meal tubs with a patented heat distributing label (shielding). The patented Shieltronics label makes it possible to regulate the power of the magnetic waves per meal tub, so that each meal tub reaches the right temperature. 

The special Shieltronics label offers the possibility to simultaneously heat soup, vegetables, fish, sauces and even salads or ice cream in the microwave, for example. Unlike standard microwave meals, you are no longer faced with hot/cold spots or burns.

The entire meal can be heated in a single use of the microwave, with the different meal components each achieving the most ideal temperature per compartment. The taste and quality of the fresh meal remains optimal!


Microwave prepared dish 1  Microwave prepared dish 2  Microwave meal dish 3  Microwave prepared dish 4

Operation of the microwave

A microwave oven heats food with microwaves (radio waves). These microwaves are non-radioactive and completely harmless. The microwaves only set the moisture particles in the food in motion and through this friction, heat is then released. As a result, the food heats up much faster than in a pan or the oven. 

Because hardly any water is needed in the microwave to prepare the food, vitamins in the food are better preserved. This way vitamins do not dissolve in the water, but remain in the food. Make sure that the meal is not heated too long in the microwave. Because hardly any extra moisture is needed, the taste remains optimal and, generally, no salt is needed.

Use the microwave more often if you want to cook in an energy-efficient manner. Actually, a microwave consumes more energy than a gas stove, but because preparing food in the microwave is generally much faster, it costs the least energy amount of energy in the end.

Free advise

We will be happy to advise you on the type of microwave tub that best suits the products you want to pack in it. You can find various shapes of mircowave tubs in different sizes and volumes in the webshop. Not sure which plastic tub best suits your needs? Then use the product comparison tool to give you a good overview of the different tubs. 

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